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Compliance Services

Governments across the Treasure Coast in Florida could be going after more than $100 million in code violation fines owed by homeowners and businesses. New York City is going after $1.5 billion in violation fines and civil penalties.

Local government agencies are committed to enforcing building, and property code violations. Adequate maintenance of property is the only reasonable way to preserve your invested dollars, and to prevent erosion of your property. Code Enforcement officers respond to neighbor complaints, or first hand observation from regular inspections, and identify health and safety issues. If the Inspection Unit finds housing code violations that are confirmed and not corrected, or if there are repeated violations, they can take a number of legal enforcement actions depending upon the severity of the violation. We are here to aide you in violation prevention and violation remediation. Our compliance oriented methods prevent unnecessary code infractions and expensive repairs.

  • We resolve property code violations, and file compliance documentation for you.
  • We perform monthly, and annual inspections of residential, or commercial properties upon request.
  • We keep your property compliant, and meeting the ever changing code enforcement requirements, resulting in few violations and reduced fines.

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